Suez Canal – Wow another bucket list ticked off


Published: April 22nd 2022

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So today we are going through the Suez Canal which is one of my bucket list items WHY I have no idea but it is. I could have got up really early like other passengers did to see us enter the canal but to be honest did not quite make this so got up at a normal hour and saw we were already going through it.

Well the Suez Canal is what I can describe as okay but not something I would rave about apart from the engineering of it – I cannot imagine how this could happen and how it was engineered. And time would tell that I had missed almost nothing by not getting up at the crack of dawn but I now know it was a spectacular sunrise so maybe I am wrong here.

We are in a canal which is amazing and there is a lot of sand on each side and a procession of ships in front and behind us. If you have ordered anything from Amazon and the delivery date is more than a week away I am sure I have seen the container it is in.

So I see this container going through the opposite way from Costco. Well everyone who has a Costco card will like me be checking that we have our card with us as everyone who has one loves going to the store and looking and buying stuff do we need NO but buy it anyway. So Costco card found and by that time the container ship has sailed. Now you can imagine that the ship was not a Costco but Cosco so who now needs to go to specsavers, me I think.

Mike decides he has seen life on the Suez Canal and starts waving to anyone and we all think what Mike, there is no one there but hey ho like all kids he waves. Sue is looking the other way as she does not want to be involved in this illusion of humans on the banks, ha ha.

We then come up to the Friendship bridge and as we are coming up to it I look at the mast on Star Clipper and the height of the bridge and decide that no way are we going to get under it. As we

We are going to die the mast is not going to get underWe are going to die the mast is not going to get underWe are going to die the mast is not going to get under

I have a plan to live but forgot to tell everyone one else

are getting nearer and nearer I am totally convinced this is going to be a disaster and if I stay where I am I am going to die. One of the masts is going to catch the top and fall back against where I am sitting and kill me. So the person I am I start moving to the space under the stairs so I know that if it falls over I can be safe and alive. I forgot to mention this to Sue, Eric and Mike and later shared how I had a plan to live but forgot to tell them that they could join me – oops once again me me me!

So we now arrive in Port Said and decide that with all the hassle we will not go off tonight but get off tomorrow for a walk around. As I have been to Egypt before I know the hassle of bartering and being followed to buy things so if I am honest am I looking forward to tomorrow not sure but hey ho why not? Eric mentioned if there is a museum which explains how they did the canal he would like to see it and if honest I totally agree it would be absolutely fascinating.


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