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Published: April 19th 2022

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So day two or is it, that is the question as I had a really bad night’s sleep. The air conditioning was so loud and coupled with that Mike decided that tonight he was going to snore like an elephant – not that I have heard an elephant snore, ha ha but I am sure Mike could have given a herd of elephants a run for their money.

So up and a cup of tea (brewed by Mike as usual he told me to add haha) looking over this view, which is not a bad view to look over at in the morning.

So off we go down to get breakfast and pass sun-beds with you guessed it towels on and no one sitting on them – the Germans are here. It is so funny as when I mentioned this to Helen, who if you read my blog yesterday you will know she lives in Germany and is married to a Albert who is a German, she said that is what the Germans say about the English!!

I think I should do a poll early in the morning and every time someone puts a towel on a bed

The Germans have landed!!The Germans have landed!!The Germans have landed!!

all sun-beds taken before dawn!!

find out their nationality – but hey ho think it is more fun to say the Germans have landed!

The Sheraton Soma Bay Resort is absolutely huge and I mean absolutely huge. If I am totally honest too large for my liking but great for families as it also has a waterpark – for a couple of nights it is okay – never been all inclusive before and it is weird. Nothing has prices on and at the moment everything has been buffet style – not liking this if you want a glass of wine THAT’s what you get, you cannot get a bottle – don’t think these Egyptians have any understanding of Mike and I as a small glass of wine is gone in one sip! Not sure how this is going to fair but as I said only here two nights so going to have to put up with this – you also cannot go to the bar they have to serve you – not sure if this is because they could see us drink one small glass of wine and thought NO WAY have we got stock for these two or its Covid. I would like

What does this mean don’t know right from left What does this mean don’t know right from left What does this mean don’t know right from left

Think it is called co-ordinates!!

to think it is Covid and that’s what I am sticking to.

We went for a walk to the Marina and most of the 1 1/2 miles seemed to be taken up with the Sheraton Soma Bay hotel, so you can now get the gist of how large it is. It was a shame as when we got to the Marina there were hardly any shops and those there were seemed empty. I suppose all the empty shops will hopefully now start filling up now you do not need a PCR to come to Egypt, just been vaccinated.

Whilst walking to the Marina we see a sign with the co-ordinates of the hotel. Now as I do not know my right from my left this co-ordinate thingy goes way over my head. We do see some camels though. Previously when I have been in Egypt if you took a photo of a camel the owner came over and wanted paying for the privilege so I was really careful and took this photo clandestine so it was definitely the princess in the desert with a camera (do you get that bit of a cluedo theme here). Whilst I am

typing this up I am sat in my dressing gown on the patio with an iPad (oh no I am doing the cluedo thingy again), ha ha

Oh just to let you peeps know Eric, Sue, Albert and Helen are all negative with Covid so it looks like all systems are go. Well saying that we all have to have a lateral flow before being allowed to board the ship – so fingers crossed everyone.

We are all off for a meal tonight in the hotel. As I said, if I am honest having a buffet is not my style but that’s what you do on these all inclusive jobs. Speak tomorrow with more updates on the trials and tribulations of going on holiday with Paula the princess!!


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