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Published: April 21st 2022

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Well its day 3 in Hurghada and we should be off to the ship later on today but before I go into this – have you ever felt a real plonka well,I feel a first class plonka. So I hear there are mosquitos so I come prepared as normally Mike is like a dart board for mosquitos, they love him and not only try to get a 180 they try to get every tile on the board. Anyway, I digress so I buy mosquito repellant and whilst picking this up from boots I see a bite relief click it gadget – thinking never seen this before. So last night I got bitten by one of those little bugger mosquitos on my leg – so think ohhh now I can try that gadget I got. So get it out of the packet and read the instructions. So I put the gadget on my bite with the black plastic bit on the bite and click 10 times. Whilst I am doing this I am thinking I have paid £5 for a piece of black plastic being clicked on the bite – I have been totally done I could put any bit of plastic

on a bite. So I say to Mike this is wrong can you read the instructions and then he points out the black bit is the clicker and the other end with the needle things is what you put on the bite to take away the itchiness – that’s when you think I am a first class plonka as del boy would say!

Oh I also bought a clothes steamer to get creases out of my stuff – the best gadget I have bought, it is amazing so if you travel and like me don’t pack well and your clothes get creased get yourself one of these, it‘s a game changer when travelling – even Mike YES Mike said that is the best thing you have bought – normally it’s ‘what another bleeding gadget’. So I think I will put that comment in my bank as might need it sometime in the future – all you women out there know what I mean about banking things you might need to use in the future. If you are a man reading this please ignore this last paragraph.


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