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Published: April 18th 2022

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Helen & AlbertHelen & Albert

The team is back together again

So get to the airport early as we saw the chaos at Manchester airport on the news – well that was a mistake as like us well nearly a full plane of people did the same and we had to wait until the Tel-Aviv passengers had checked in. So there were hundreds of passengers waiting for the Hurghada flight check in. Well Easy Jet check in is non existent of check in people as you have to do it yourself. i.e. you have to print your own baggage labels attach them to your bag and then put your bag on the conveyor and send the bag down. I did this but put the identifying luggage slip on the bar code of Mike’s boarding card – well after steam had left his head and he shouted at me you stupid bugger we get it off and no issue with the bar code – thank goodness as I do not want to think what would have happened next!!

Anyway to be honest getting through security was a breeze and we are into the terminal within 30 minutes so not bad at all.

After a bite to eat and a couple of brews we are ready to board the flight. We board the flight and I sit down and start looking for the screen so I can watch films – well all I can say is there was no screen – how am I going to manage on a flight for 5 1/2 hours with no films!!!!!!

So I am really proud of myself as I managed it and now it was getting through the Egyptian side of customs etc. As we had already got our visas I was pretty happy that this would be a breeze as well. I was correct until we had to show our passports and they took a look at Mike’s passport – quizzed him, are you really sure you have never been to Egypt before and after it felt like 15 minutes with the official looking at Mike and then his screen he let us through – wow I was thinking poor Mike in an Egyptian prison cell whilst I was at the hotel with a G&T.

After a long ride in a taxi we arrive at the hotel and I turn around as Mike says hello to someone and guess what I see Helen. We met Helen and Albert a couple of years ago or so on a previous star clippers cruise and subsequent cruises around the world. They live in Germany even though Helen is English but Albert (who I lovingly call the little shite – always been good with words haven’t I – also if I insult you I like you). Anyway getting back to the story, Helen is behind me and I turn around and my jaw actually dropped to the floor. I was not expecting to see Helen and had to do a double take. We have met up with them now in 4 different continents, how amazing is that!

So after a bite to eat and a couple of G&Ts we retire – I still cannot believe the gang of retrogrades is back together and will be going through the Suez Canal, how bloody lucky are we! So goodnight as knackered! Tomorrow is another day.


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