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Published: January 12th 2022

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The other members of the office were out in the community today. School started this week so the staff was out paying school fees for the girls. RWO always pays the school directly and then follows-up to make sure the girls are attending. Many times the families need extra counseling. They might want the girl home to help around the house or they just don’t put enough importance on her attending regularly.

Hope and I worked from home in the morning. I juggled some of my own work as well as putting together a lesson plan for tomorrow. I will be meeting with the first group again and then a new group for the first time. RWO has 8 clubs around this area, but I won’t have time to do this program with all of them. Because these women did not go to school we have to start with the very basics of finance. Tomorrow we will focus on the concept of a budget and why we need one. Separating expenses by wants vs needs and so forth.

We then had a late lunch at Irene’s favorite restaurant for authentic Ugandan food. I tried the

goat which came in stew form. I found it to be very tough so I don’t think I will get it again, but I am glad I tried it. So far I think Matoke with Luwombo (groundnut sauce) is my favorite of their traditional dishes. Most of the sides are pumpkin, yums, different types of plantains, and then chapati.

After that we went to what they call Little Jamaica. Reggae music has a pretty big presence in Uganda. Irene is a DJ in the reggae world here so she knows the bar owner and many of the music influencers. The owner is good friends with Bobi Wine which is the man that ran against the current President. Bobi is a reggae singer, actor as well as member of parliament. Many believe that Bobi actually won the election but the sitting President controls too many things including the voting process. Bobi has been under house arrest since the President declared himself the winner. For dinner we had Engege (tilapia) that was cooked over the fire with great spices on it. The traditional way is to not use silverware and just dig in, so I did! Another

interesting thing I have noticed is that bars tend to also have gyms or vice versa. Ugandans do love to have a good time so perhaps they like to be able to head to the bar as soon as they are done at the gym, or maybe at the same time who knows.


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