Uganda: MP Kazibwe Bashir Survives Lynching By Angry Voters

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago comes to his rescue

He was once a darling of the people. Now he has to be rescued from them.

Kawempe North MP Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira narrowly survived being lynched by a group of people who identified themselves as his voters during a meeting between KCCA and street vendors in Kawempe.


The group accused Kazibwe of being a mole and disappearing from the constituency, charges Kazibwe refuted.


It all started during a meeting organised by the Kawempe division mayor, Emmanuel Serunjonji to find solutions for street vendors who were evicted from Bwaise and other parts of Kawempe by KCCA.

The vendors were operating in the road reserve causing congestion and obstructing traffic, according to the authority.


As the mayor was making his remarks, a group of angry people consisting of youth stormed the meeting and asked Kazibwe to explain why he has abandoned his constituency.

They hurled insults at him and one of them almost manhandled him but luckily for Kazibwe, the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago intervened and calmed down the youth.

Still, they continued hounding Kazibwe

“We just want to know why he abandoned his people. He is our representative who was sent to Parliament to represent the voiceless,”an angry youth shouted.

Kazibwe, escorted by Lukwago, swiftly moved out of the meeting, denying claims that he is a wheeler-dealer.

The legislator has come under criticism from a section of voters who accuse him of going quiet after his election to Parliament in 2021.

Kazibwe, who was always by Bobi Wine’s side during the 2021 campaigns, has also not been spotted at NUP’s offices in Kamwokya in a long time.

Kazibwe told The Nile Post that there are people fighting him, trying to portray him as a non performer.

Some of his people, he said, are sponsored by his political opponents whom he did not name.

“I am as well concerned about this malice and propaganda,”he told The Nile Post.


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