South Africa: According to Zondo – Insider Accounts of What Went Down At Key Moments in the Capture of the State

Earthquakes, nuclear disasters, angry face-offs with the Gupta family, dodgy ambassadorships and R1.5bn blown, Zondo Part Five (Volume 1) offers insight into behind-the-scenes drama and skulduggery.

Jacob Zuma and Siyabonga Cwele’s tetchy relationship with intelligence heads Mo Shaik, Gibson Njenje and Jeff Maqetuka

In 2010 — the year of the Fifa World Cup — at a meeting between Jacob Zuma and his head of foreign intelligence, Mo Shaik, the president barely flinched at the pertinent issues his top three — Shaik, SSA DG Jeff Maqetuka and domestic head Gibson Njenje — had raised earlier about their investigation into the Gupta family.

It was this investigation, the State Capture Commission has found, that could have halted the silent coup long before it drilled deep into Zuma’s administration and brought us to this place, right here, right now.

“The president did not address the pertinent issues or the grounds for the investigation as advanced by the top three: he did not apply his mind to the National Security issues, namely the peddling of information which implicated his office,” reads the report.

The spy bosses had wrongly assumed that Zuma would grasp the seriousness of the matter — after all, he had been…


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Publish date : 2022-06-24 07:02:03

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