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Aynalem Demissie, left, and husband Shimelis Gebru own Tiru Ethiopian Restaurant, 2630 Orchard Street. 

We uttered an “oh my” and a “wow” when the dish my wife, Rebecca, had ordered at Tiru Restaurant arrived at our table. She had chosen the beyeynetu, a vegan entree from Tiru’s menu, and my description of it here won’t do it justice.

Atop a white rectangular plate stretched a long piece of injera (a spongy flatbread) with five colorful and inviting mounds of veggies and legumes. Running parallel to the injera were another four mounds, among them a lettuce mix.

The colors were vivid, and, well, just amazing. The dish included deep purple beets, dark collard greens and a bright, bright yellow split pea stew.

Of course, we took pictures.

The beyeynetu looked too good to eat, but Rebecca dove in anyway. And she came away even more impressed. The dish had been seasoned with a berbere spice, onions, garlic, ginger and turmeric. It packed a flavorful punch.

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Co-owner Shimelis Gebru told me the beyeynetu is Tiru’s most popular item. Yep, a vegan dish has wowed the residents of a beef state.

“We were surprised, too,” Gebru said. “We thought it would be the Tiru Special (a meat lover’s combo featuring lamb and chicken).”

Gebru came to Lincoln in 2004 as a college anthropology instructor and currently teaches remotely for Northeastern Illinois University. He and his wife, Aynalem Demissie, opened Tiru Restaurant in the Aladdin Tobacco building at 27th and Orchard streets in January 2019. Lincoln diners may remember the spot as the longtime home of Sinbad’s, a wonderful Middle Eastern restaurant that’s no longer around.


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