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Zimbabwe: Security Officers Testify in Mary Mubaiwa Trial

SECURITY details, who accompanied Vice President Constantino Chiwenga to South Africa to seek medication in 2019, yesterday chronicled how Marry Mubaiwa unplugged hospital life support system and attempted to sneak him out of the ward with blood flowing from his chest.

Tafadzwa Dzungudza and Andrew Mugari told the court that they intercepted Mubaiwa at the door of the hospital ward while she tried to sneak out of the hospital while holding Vice President’s hand.

The duo narrated the July 8, 2019 incident while testifying in Mubaiwa’s hearing wherein she is charged with attempted murder.

First to take to the witness stand was Dzungudza, who told the court that he personally saw blood flowing from Vice President’s chest and some on the floor on the day in question, Said Dzungudza.

“On July 8, we went to hospital from Sheraton Hotel around 10am and we were at hospital for about six hours.

“Accused asked complainant (Vice President) to accompany her to the car park.

“He was on life support and had tubes on his chest. He could not walk.

“I went out and told security team that accused was asking complainant to accompany her from the ward.

“After some time, we saw accused person holding complainant by the hand coming to the door.

“There were no tubes on complainant chest.” Dzungudza told the court that Mubaiwa was the only one with Vice President Chiwenga in the ward when the life support system was removed.

“I don’t know how the tubes were removed but I saw her holding his right hand.

“Major Nyoni took the complainant back into the room and I saw that complainant was bleeding from the right side of his chest,” he said.

Dzungudza also told the court that Mubaiwa would challenge the hospital staff, especially at the time they would want to administer drugs in her presence.

He said Mubaiwa exhibited signs of intending to kill the Vice President when she diverted the Vice President to the hotel instead of taking him to the hospital upon their arrival in South Africa.

Dzungudza said the Vice President was taken to hospital after a day stay in the hotel.

“It took 24 hours before he was taken to hospital. Our superiors would also give feedback saying they were only waiting for instructions from accused.

“She would shout at hospital staff and stop them from attending the complainant, even at a time when they wanted to administer drugs.

“By delaying to take him to hospital proved that she harboured intentions to kill complainant,” he said.

Sergeant Mugari echoed the same sentiments with Dzungudza saying Mubaiwa would at times shout at hospital staff.

“On July 8, 2019 accused came around 7pm, she asked for privacy and we went to seat outside.

“We later noticed the door being opened and realised that complainant was in front with the support of accused.

“We saw the accused bleeding, the tubes were no longer connected and T-Shirt was blood stained.

“There was blood on the floor.

“I noticed that the tubes were not professionally smoothly removed and the complainant was in pain.

“The accused was the only one in the ward.

“When we asked her, she said she wanted him to accompany him,” he said.

Sgt Mugari said Mubaiwa did not stay after they intercepted her and she instructed them to wash the blood stained T-Shirt.

The trial continues on April 11.

Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka presided while Mr Lancelot Mutsokoti and Mr Ephraim Zinyandu appeared for the State.

Ms Beatrice Mtetwa represented Mubaiwa.


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