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Woman sat outside her ex’s flat and swiped for 45 minutes on dating app until they matched

Sarah Young and her fiancé Nathan Lopez. Image screenshot via Mirror UK

  • This woman was determined to get back with her ex-boyfriend from college.
  • She even changed her mileage on her Bumble app so she could match him.
  • Then she sat outside his apartment for 45 minutes swiping, and now they’re engaged.

Wanting to get back with your ex isn’t taboo. We all know the saying ‘the one who got away’ refers to the one you dated, but things didn’t go well. In an attempt to reconcile, people have done the most outrageous and funny things, such as standing outside with a boombox speaker blasting a romantic song – or was that from a movie? This woman took a modern approach to win back her ex-boyfriend by sitting outside his house and swiping for 45 minutes until she matched him on a dating app.

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24-year-old Sarah Young and her now fiancé, 26-year-old Nathan Lopez, started dating in 2018, six months before graduating. The pair dated for six months and then dated long-distance for a year before deciding to separate. Sarah was in Texas, in Nacogdoches, and Nathan was in Austin, Texas. They were 231 miles away (371km). The couple was separated for four months before rekindling their romance. A few months after separating, Sarah went to see Nathan just as a friend. When she realised he was on the dating app Bumble, she took a chance at love again. But she had to make a few adjustments before she could find and match with him.

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“After being invited around to spend some time as friends, I drove an hour and parked outside his apartment. I put my Bumble mileage on one and was swiping for 45 minutes until I found him and then waited until we matched. I said it was fate, and now we’ve been together for four years, and our wedding is in July 2023,” she tells Wales Online. The pair knew they had dating apps and were open to meeting new people. “We wanted to grow as people; we were fully aware both of us had Bumble,” she adds. Nathan says he’s happy things didn’t work out the first time, “I was happy we took out time to grow, and it is time to try this again, and now we’re engaged,” he says. 

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Sarah agrees with Nathan that they needed the time apart: “Having the time apart is the best thing that could have happened. We were able to grow as people and focus on what we want out of life, I guess that was each other.”

Eight months after rekindling their romance, Nathan popped the question in April this year in a garden in downtown Austin, Texas. “When we finished college, we didn’t know where we would end up or where we would both go.”

Getting back together was a mutual agreement for the couple, and now they say they’re stronger than ever.

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“It wasn’t weird when we got back together. It felt surprisingly good. I expected there to be a lot more drama. I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy… we didn’t know where the road would lead us.”

Sources: Wales Online, MSN, Mirror


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