QUIZ: Let’s find out if you remember the last time Ghana faced Brazil

September 23, 2022 5:01 PM

Take this quiz and let’s see if you remember how the Black Stars fared the last time they played against Brazil…

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When was the last time Ghana and Brazil faced off in a football game?

What sort of game was it?

International friendly
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Which of these Ghanaian players played in that game?

Jordan Ayew
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Which of these Ghanaian players did not play in that game?

Stephen Appiah
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Who among these Brazilian players played in that game?

Who among these Brazilian players didn’t play in that game?

Where was that game played?

What was the scoreline of that game?

Ghana 0-1 Brazil
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We’re not really sure if you indeed watched the last game between the two countries.

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You’ve done well. You have a good memory.

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You have a photo-copy memory. This is amazing!


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