High prices and strong demand for pineapples

“A package of pineapples caliber 7 and 8 currently costs 10 to 13 euros [10 to 13 USD],” explains François Moran of Tropibana, based on the Rungis market. “The increase in fuel costs, the container problems and the relatively cold temperatures in Costa Rica and Ivory Coast have led to a very sharp rise of the market. Today, pineapples cost a fortune!”

Prices sometimes even reach 14 euros [14 USD] for the very popular coloration 2-3. “We have some very nice merchandise, but for almost a month now, we’ve had mostly pineapples of coloration 1-2.”

Very high demand for pineapples
As the stone fruit season is about to end, consumers are now going back to more wintery products. “The consumption of peaches and nectarines has slowed down and the demand for products like bananas, small citrus fruit and especially pineapples is growing again. At the moment, everyone seems to want pineapples.”

Import products will now “cost a lot more,” according to François Moran. “I cannot wait for the market to pick up again because it is very difficult at the moment. Everything has increased! The situation is complicated for us, as well as for our clients, and we find it increasingly difficult to plan ahead.”

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Publish date : 2022-09-14 12:07:53

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