Sudan urges Chad to arrest rustlers after bloody raids in West Darfur

August 5, 2022 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan called on N’Djamena to arrest Chadian assailants who killed 18 Sudanese herders and looted their livestock in West Darfur state where the government struggle to restore security in the border area.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Chadian gunmen attacked Arab nomads in Bir Saliba and Ardiba areas of West Darfur where they killed 18 people and wounded 17 others.

The attacks resulted in the rustling of about 100 camels on Wednesday and 200 camels on Thursday, a tribal leader Mahmed Saleh Kibro told Sudan Tribune on Friday.

In response, the herder tribes mobilized their tribesmen to attack the assailants after accusing the Chadian government forces of complicity with them.

An Arabe tribal body in Darfur, the Mahameed Higher Coordinating Committee, issued a statement accusing the Chadian army of protecting the assailants and blamed the Sudanese army troops for not intervening to stop the attacks.

Mohamed Hamdan Daglo who is residing in West Darfur nowadays sought to defuse tensions among the herders and attended the funeral of the 18 victims

Speaking after the funerals, he called for self-restraint and pledged that the government will take the needed measures to protect them and return their stolen livestock.

On Friday night the Security and Defence Council held a virtual emergency meeting chaired by the head of the Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and attended by Hemetti and the West Darfur Security Committee to discuss the situation on the border with Chad.

“The Council urged the Chadian side to pursue the criminals and recover the stolen livestock as soon as possible,” reads a statement issued by the Security and Defence Council.

In addition, the meeting “urged strengthening the capabilities and role of the Sudanese-Chadian border joint forces, and controlling movements on the borders between the two countries, including the herders.

The Sudanese tribal leaders said the Sudanese Chadian forces prevented them from crossing the border to hunt the looters on Wednesday but they did not stop their second attack on Thursday.

Sudanese and Chadian senior officials this week held a series of meetings to discuss the security situation on the borders as Ndjamena expressed concerns over the possible resumption of rebel attacks after the end of the Doha process on August 8.





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