Samsung A6 Plus price in South Africa

If you are on the market for a new phone, the Samsung A6 Plus is available for purchase at a range of prices with monthly payment options.

Samsung is one of the biggest and most popular brand manufacturers of a variety of items such as appliances and technological devices. Mobile devices make the list of popular items and Samsung has been manufacturing some of the best in high-end and technologically advanced mobile devices on the market.

The Samsung A6 Plus is one of the mobile devices that the brand manufactures and if you are looking for a new cell phone at a price that is not ridiculous, this phone may be for you, but how much is the Samsung A6 Plus on the market currently?

Samsung A6 Plus

The A6 Plus comes packed with some great features to enjoy and the best in Samsung technology and specifications. The processor is an Octa-Core CPU type with 1.8GHz speed. The main display uses the latest Super Amoled technology with a full high-definition resolution of 2 220 x 1 080 (FHD+). Many cell phone buyers want great camera quality and the A6 Plus boasts a 16 megapixel + 5 megapixel rear camera with autofocus as well as a front-facing camera of a large 24 megapixels. Video recording is up to Full HD quality at 30 frames per second. Battery life is also important for those who are constantly on their phone, and the A6 Plus has a standard battery capacity of 3 500 mAh.

Samsung A6 Plus price in South Africa

Mobile devices in South Africa can be purchased from a range of retailers and online stores, as well as at Samsung itself. At times, their prices will differ, based on where you buy the device. Looking at the Samsung A6 Plus device, the prices can vary, especially when you purchase it online. Mondo is a good place to look for various cell phone deals as you can simply search for the device you want and get a list of different deals to choose from for the particular device. Mondo has a bunch of MTN contract deals on offer for the Samsung A6 Plus. Depending on the type of contract you settle for, you can get the A6 Plus at prices ranging from R129 to R2 049 per month.

Depending on your preference, you can get the Samsung A6 Plus as a brand new device or second hand if that is what you can afford. On Platforms such as BidorBuy, sellers list items that are both brand new and second hand. Gumtree is another site to look for possible second-hand options that are still in good working condition. Second-hand devices are much cheaper than brand new ones and are suited to people who cannot afford a fresh, new device

Samsung A6 Plus on bidorbuy

On bidorbuy, you can find a second-hand version of the device you want in the blue colour. The device is described by the bidder as good as new with no scratches on it. You will get both the phone and the Samsung USB charger cable, which will be shipped to you for R100 extra to the total cost of R1 800. A brand new device is available on bidorbuy at a much higher price of R7 999.99 in the colour lavender. In the box, buyers will find everything that they can expect to find if they are buying this device brand new anywhere else. Everything you need is included and sealed inside the box.

Samsung A6 Plus on Takealot

The A6 Plus is also available on Takealot. The 32-gigabyte device is available in the colour black and is going for R5 698. This is a brand new device that can be shipped to you in five to seven days. You have the option to pay cash or on credit and if you choose the credit option, you will pay R527 per month for 12 months on Mobicred. The box comes sealed with all the essentials of the phone that you will need.

Samsung A6 Plus Special Import at Connected Devices

There is a special import version of the Samsung A6 Plus. This device can be ordered from Connected Devices for R4 059. In this case, too, you have the option of paying cash or on credit with Mobicred for R372 per month for 12 months. You also have the option to choose a split payment whereby the cost is separated into four interest-free payments of R1 014.75, giving you more flexibility in terms of how you can go about paying for your brand new device.


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