Uganda: Museveni Appoints New SFC Commander in Latest UPDF Changes

President Museveni in his capacity as the commander in chief of the armed forces has appointed Brig David Mugisha as the new commander of the Special Forces Command, an elite unit of the UPDF charged with guarding the president and members of the first family.

In changes communicated on Thursday afternoon, Brig Mugisha who has been the deputy commander of the UPDF third division based in Moroto has replaced Brig Felix Busizoori who has swapped position with Mugisha in Moroto.

The new SFC commander ,one of Museveni’s blue eyed boys was in April promoted from Colonel to Brigadier before he was appointed the second in commander for the third infantry division whose headquarters are in Moroto where he has been until today’s changes.

Before being sent to Moroto as the third division deputy commander , Mugisha also served as the deputy SFC commander and was replaced by Brig Charity Bainababo.

Other changes

The transfers have also seen Maj Gen Samuel Kawagga who has been the commander of the UPDF first Infantry Division in Kakiri in Wakiso district has been sent to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital as the defence advisor and has been replaced by Brig Joseph Ssemwanga as the first division commander.

The changes have also seen Lt Col Allan Matsiko promoted to Colonel , Maj Dancun Kafeero promoted to Lieutenant Colonel whereas Col Herbert Nabimanya has been transferred from the Special Forces Command to the UPDF Land Forces.

The changes take immediate effect.


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Author : Nile Post

Publish date : 2022-08-05 11:09:46

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