Tanzania, MCL and Vodacom launch ‘farm clinic’

The government of Tanzania in partnership with, Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) and Vodacom Tanzania officially launched the Farm Clinic that aims to boost farming in the country.

Speaking during the launch MCL managing director, Bakari Machumu said the initiative intends to provide relevant content that would show farmers that agriculture was a productive undertaking and that it remains the backbone of Tanzania’s economy. It is an initiative that will see MCL acting as a content creator while Vodacom Tanzania takes the role of communication platforms that enables agricultural information to reach farmers more quickly.

“What we have witnessed today has not just come suddenly. We started with Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum (MTLF),” he said, noting that after collecting views from various agriculture stakeholders, the company then came up with ‘initiative.


While publishing several informative, well researched and articulate articles on crops that are currently making a change in lives of Tanzanians under the ‘Seeds of Gold’ banner, the company kept receiving more views from stakeholders. The views focused primarily on the need for MCL to come up with solution based reporting for farmers.

“Thus, with the launch of Farm Clinic, we promise to focus on creating content that will bring opportunities to youth so they can join the farming fraternity and thus bring about an agricultural revolution,” said Machumu.

On his part, Vodacom Tanzania’s acting managing director Hilda Bujiku said the telecommunication firm values the contribution of technology in developing a nation hence the need for partnerships in realizing the noble goal to accelerate the growth of the agricultural sector.

“Through the launched Farm Clinic, we intend to come up with a platform whereby farmers will be registered so that we can know their total population in the country. This also helps the government to solve and identify various challenges that farmers face,” she said.




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Publish date : 2022-08-05 08:33:59

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