Cornet: It’s a new step for me to join this big Club

We’re excited to have you! Let’s take it back to the beginning. I’m from Africa too – my family are from Ghana, you were born in Ivory Coast. There has been a long history of Ivorian players who have done really well in the Premier League, Didier Drogba, Yaya and Kolo Touré, Wilfried Zaha to name a few. Did you look at those kind of players and think one day I want to perform at a high level in the Premier League?

“Yeah. Like I’ve said all the time previously, my idol is Didier Drogba because he is an Ivorian player like me. He played for a big team like Chelsea so I want to do the same [and now] I do it!”


You grew up in France and we have a few French players here too like Alphonse Areola, Kurt Zouma, Issa Diop. France is a county who has a rich footballing heritage, what was it like growing up there?

“It was important for me to grow up in France and discover how it is to play in a professional league before going to the next step.

“For me, English football is the next step because everyone knows the level here is very high and I want to play here for that. So I’m happy to be here now.”


When I look at your history, you’ve played at teams like Lyon and Metz, played with Diafra Sakho who we know well…

“This was in Claret as well!”


This will be the last Claret and Blue team you play for! Over here the Academy of Football is very important to us too. When you look at your journey, are you proud of how far you’ve come?

“Yeah, it was a long way but it was important for me. Metz gave me a solid foundation, and gave me a platform from which I’ve been able to build my career with character and determination.”


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Publish date : 2022-08-05 18:00:51

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